About Me

Hi, my name is Scott Andrews-Brown and I am a music instructor located near Uptown Mall in Victoria, BC.

I have studied Classical Guitar at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California and I have completed my Diploma in Music through Camosun College and the Victoria Conservatory of Music. The guitar has been part of my life for the past eighteen years. I started off playing electric and acoustic and in the last seven years have shifted my primary focus to classical guitar. That being said, what I love most of all is to teach and help others realize they can create music on their own.

Teaching music has been one of the greatest joys in my life; I love the challenge of developing the physical (technique) and emotional (musical phraseology) components of a student’s playing so that they are able to express themselves on the instrument. Each student has a different background in music (instruments, musical taste, etc.) and in order to succeed we need to figure out how to make the most of the student’s background to create a solid foundation in guitar so they can play for years of enjoyment.

I believe students respond better and learn at an accelerated rate if they enjoy the music they are playing and have a strong emotional connection with the piece. I strive to give my students a well rounded approach to the guitar so that they can not only play their favourite songs, but also understand how the song works, and most importantly how to personalize the song so they are discovering their own musical voice.

At this current time I am not taking on any additional students.

Thanks for checking out my website and good luck on your musical adventure!


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