Classical? Acoustic? Electric? What’s the difference?

You’re interested in learning guitar. Maybe you’ve thought about it for a long time; maybe it’s a spur of the moment idea you’re acting on. Either way, you’re ready to get going. But now you’re confronted with a choice – what style of guitar is for me? And what’s the difference between them all anyways?

Wikibooks has a good introduction to different types of guitars to get you started. In the end though, it is your musical tastes and goals for playing guitar that will lead you in your choice of guitar. If you’re looking to strum along with your favourite rock anthems, then an acoustic or electric guitar is probably for you. If you prefer to follow a proscribed curriculum, such as the Royal Conservatory of Music, you may opt for classical guitar.

To talk through what type of guitar might be right for you, or to inquire about lessons, please contact me.


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